- Only 5 km from Hotel.
- The tourist can going to Chong Rock by taxi or motobike only 12 minutes.)

"Hon Chong is located on Pham Van Dong Street, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. This area is made up of naturally stacked rocks. Next to Hon Chong is Hon Vo (it is called ‘Wife Rock’ by locals) and Nha Trang Bay Club, which is built in Hue style. This attraction displays a lot of pictures of Hon Chong as well as famous tourist sites in Nha Trang. In addition, visitors can enjoy traditional musical performances of Vietnam here, with a diverse range of traditional musical instruments.

Only costs 30.000VND. Visitors can enjoy watching the peaceful and romantic scenery of the coastal city of Nha Trang, sip a cup of coffee and play in the gentle waves. Simply explore each cliff and wonderful selfies with friends and family. This is also an ideal location where couples choose to have their wedding photos taken.

It can be said that Hon Chong is the best  place in Nha Trang to see the beautiful sunrise. You can feel the new day is starting right in front of you. The early morning fishing boats there are already full of fish. The beach right next to Hon Chong is one of the most crowded beaches in Nha Trang with clear blue water and a gentle sea breeze."

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